I help you, the servant leader prepare and package your God-given expertise, enabling you to run your purpose driven brand online & beyond.

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Package and Prepare your God-given expertise.

The ‘Finisher’ hybrid coaching program holds leaders accountable to a 3 month system that combines marketing consulting (the formula to stand out online) + project management (the secret sauce against procrastination) to produce your purpose driven brand.


The problem & core need

Prior to hiring Alexis, my business launching process connected me to some incredibly gifted individuals.

While they were insightful & resourceful, I realized there was a certain level of structure and accountability that was needed to help me progress through the next levels.

Dr. Brianna Mosby PharmD.

Pharmacist & Holistic Nutritionist, Total Health Transformation LLC.

Results we Acheieved

Alexis M. Creative? I find myself trying to find words that adequately describe the greatness of Alexis and her team.

Nowhere else will you find someone who provides it all while walking beside you through a personalized experience. Alexis not only serves as an accountability coach, her being a woman of God entrusted with many gifts, to include the gift of The Holy Spirit, also enables her to serve as a spiritual doula. Equipped with the knowledge of business and marketing, partnered with an ability to see beyond what can often be difficult to put into words, Alexis is truly anointed for the work that she does. Beyond holding me accountable to my business plan, she has held me accountable to my own growth & well-being, making me remember the health of the business largely emanates from my own overall health and well-being. Writing this is so frustrating, as I feel these words still fall short to provide a sufficient description. As the old adage goes, some things you’ve just got to experience for yourself. Working with Alexis is one of those experiences! 

Dr. Brianna Mosby PharmD.

Pharmacist & Holistic Nutritionist, Total Health Transformation LLC.

The problem & core need

I was not sure how to unlock my story.

I was battling internally with the content and meeting the needs of my audience. I didn’t see many people who look like me in my demographic. I was not sure about the next steps and how to take action!

Rob Badgett. MFT

Relationship Coach, Big Influence Media

Results we Acheieved

Alexis spoke life into some areas that I was trying to not address. She gave clear strategy and manageable action steps.

She was able to see some things that were beneath the surface that I did not have words for. She didn’t look for a payout that d idn’t relate to things that I didn’t need. She looked for ways to help sculpt and c hisel out what I needed specifically.  Some business are looking to make a profit t hat is not profitable to the client.

Rob Badgett. MFT

Relationship Coach, Big Influence Media


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Corporate & Nonprofit CommunicationServices we Offer

Our clients are 6-7 figure business leaders with established brand programs and public personas. We help upkeep the brand message, visuals, and content of their programs.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Crises PR Management
  • Public Relations & Press Relseases
  • Media Kits
  • Ghost Writing

Social Media Management & Groups

Graphic Design & product Packaging

Sales Funnels & Product Pricing

Personal Brand Strategy & Identity Creation

Email Copy & Message Clairty

PDFs, Workbooks & Journal Creation

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For the time that I have known Alexis, she has shown to be a leader and expert of her craft. From working in branding, to marketing strategies, and corporate website development, Alexis’s work causes her to stand out amongst others in her field. On top of that, she has constantly displayed the ability to lead well and pull the best out of others.

Michael Grant Jr.

Senior Pastor, Faith Worship Center International